The Radical Liberal

A presentation of ideas based upon and extending classical liberalism. The ideas to be found here will be seen by most as libertarian, but reject the moralism inherent in that ideology.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Liberal vs. Libertarian

Most individuals reading my posts will label me as libertarian, but I named the blog "The Radical Liberal," so some explanation might be in order.

Libertarians tend to believe that there is an abstract, absolute concept of value and justice based upon natural rights. Although I largely agree with the conclusions of libertarians, I do not believe that value and justice exist outside of the subjective perceptions of individuals or that any such things as natural rights exist.

My beliefs are largely founded upon those of Ludwig von Mises, a classical liberal, tempered somewhat with what I learned from Andrew J. Galamabos, who called himself a 21st century liberal.